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Introducing the Meno Map Test - a revolution in menopausal prediction
The first and only menopausal age prediction test

The ability to timely and accurately predict the age of natural menopause is crucial in family planning and ensuring lifelong health and wellness for women worldwide. As the age of childbirth is moved back, being informed is more important than ever.

Ending the insecurity and uncertainty. 

We help women worldwide make educated decisions about their reproductive and overall health, guiding them through the physical and mental health challenges associated with peri- and post-menopausal age.
Health and perimenopause

When discussing female hormonal aging, menopause is commonly mentioned, but it only refers to the point when ovulation stops.

Perimenopause, on the other hand, describes the often long and challenging period leading up to menopause, characterized by significant hormonal fluctuations.
This phase can last anywhere between 2-7 years and presents considerable challenges for women.

Estrogen, in particular, plays a crucial role in brain health. During perimenopause, when estrogen levels are low, women may experience fogginess and forgetfulness.
As estrogen continues to decline, neurons and brains slow down, leading to accelerated aging and cognitive and health decline over time.

As birth rates decline in developed nations due to cultural and health-related factors, the significance of female reproductive health grows.

Approximately 32% of women who don't conceive before menopause cite chronic health problems as the primary impediment.
However, what if we told you most of these issues can be mitigated with timely action?
Our easy-to-use non-invasive kit fits seamlessly into your routine.
Gain insights into your body's unique timeline, and embrace the opportunity to plan and act proactively in deferring the onset of menopause.
Get personalized recommendations for further testing and preventative measures.
Analyzed in our advanced lab, you'll receive a comprehensive report securely online.

In today's world, women face unprecedented expectations.

We are expected to excel as mothers, have successful careers, and contribute to society, all before reaching 40.

Unlike men, who often have more time to build their careers and assume parental roles, women have a biological clock ticking, limiting our options.

This constant pressure induces stress, leading to health issues, making it feel like a race we're almost set up to lose.

We are a team of women in science, business, and technology, focused on helping women worldwide make informed decisions about their health and lives.
As women in science and business, we acutely feel the pressure to balance our carriers with family planning and health decisions. And we are here to tell you:
You have the power to decide.
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